Dr. Andrew Raffo Dewar is working on an expansion of his Robert M.Stevenson prize winning composition Volver (2018) that sets to music the oral history recordings of survivors of a 1930s US repatriation program of Mexican-Americans, collected by Dr. Christine Valenciana in the 1970s. The spring 2022 expansion of the piece was developed at York University in Toronto

while Dewar is serving as a Fulbright Canada Research Chair. The expanded work includes audio reactive visuals in partnership with Toronto-based commercial software developer Derivative, and 3D spatial audio prototyped in York’s DisPersion Lab in collaboration with Dr. Doug Van Nort from York’s Department of Computational Arts.


Dr. Andrew Raffo Dewar, CARI Faculty Fellow and Professor of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Doug Van Nort, Associate Professor in the Department of Computational Arts at York University