CARI Arts Faculty Research Fund

The Collaborative Arts Research Initiative (CARI) is pleased to offer limited per-project funding for arts research. A pool of $10,000 is being made available each fiscal year. Applications for up to $500 will be considered on a rolling basis until all funds have been awarded. Awarded funds can be used for a broad range of purposes in support of research, including but not limited to: supplies, travel, publication fees, and conference participation so long as these are in support of arts research. Applicants will be notified approximately 2 weeks after the application is received, and requests should be made at least one month prior to proposed activities.

To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must be:

  • A full-time faculty member at the University of Alabama (tenured/tenure-track, renewable contract, or temporary)
    • Part-time arts faculty will be considered based on funding availability
  • Have a primary area of research and/or practice in visual art, the performing arts, creative writing, or design
  • Provide a brief description of how the proposed project benefits his/her research and the University

Current CARI Fellows are not eligible. Faculty with current JPAR awards should contact CARI for further information. A maximum of one award per fiscal year will be made to eligible faculty, and awards will be transferred to the home department of the funded faculty member. Faculty members are responsible for obtaining IRB approval for all research involving human subjects.

Upon completion of the funded work or one year after the funding date (whichever comes first), the applicant must submit a brief report on outcomes/impacts of the research. Funded projects and research should credit CARI as a sponsor.

Application Form