Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, CARI Fellowships are open to faculty from all Colleges and Departments interested in exploring how collaborative research across disciplines can enrich the scope and impact of their work.

CARI accepted applications for inaugural fellowships from February 4 through March 6, 2019. Future fellowship opportunities will be posted to this page.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any full-time faculty member at the University of Alabama, tenure-track or renewable contract as long as their contract extends through the CARI Fellowship period. Faculty may apply with a project already underway, a project in mind, or with an open-ended interest in working collaboratively across disciplines. Along the same lines, an applicant may apply with an already-formed collaborative group, with collaborators in mind, or as an individual researcher. CARI is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse research community that nurtures and promotes the curiosity and growth of all of its members.

What kind of research is CARI looking to support?

Arts research is a broad category with infinite possibilities. The Alliance of Arts in Research Universities offers one possible definition: “Arts research includes humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences-driven research about and through the arts.” (A2RU Insights). A defining characteristic of CARI research will be that at least one member of each research team will have a primary area of expertise/practice in design, fine art, performing arts, or creative writing. CARI is based on the idea that a transdisciplinary approach deepens and enriches research and encourages faculty in all fields to apply.

What is a CARI Faculty Fellowship?

A CARI Faculty Fellowship is a 2-year (renewable) commitment to being an active member of a collaborative research community. In addition to the opportunity to strengthen your research design and impact, the benefits of a CARI Faculty Fellowship include:

  • Up to $3000/year in general research support
  • Additional support for travel and equipment purchases
  • Priority access to Maxwell Hall’s facilities and equipment
  • The opportunity to guide CARI’s acquisition of additional equipment and software
  • Opportunities to bring guest artists and collaborators in your areas of interest
  • Assistance in identifying external funding sources

CARI Fellowship funds can be used for a wide-range of research-specific items, including space rental, conference registration, materials and supplies, and student support. The length of these Fellowships is designed to allow faculty to try several approaches to an idea, with risk and failure baked into the schedule. The 2-year Fellowship also allows research teams to explore multiple outcomes; for example, a performance, a paper, and a presentation.

CARI Fellows will regularly gather in Maxwell Hall to work together, share in-progress research, host guest speakers, and attend workshops. The timing, structure, and frequency of these gatherings will depend on the cohort’s needs. Inaugural CARI Fellows will have a considerable amount of agency in shaping how the research community functions.

By the end of the 2nd year of the Fellowship, CARI Fellows will be required to have submitted at least one proposal for external funding.

Can CARI Fellowship research funds be used outside of the CARI cohort?

Yes! CARI is designed to broadly benefit arts research at the University of Alabama. CARI Fellows are encouraged to connect and work together to generate research. They may also use their funds to collaborate with University of Alabama faculty outside the CARI cohort and with artists and academics outside the University of Alabama, as long as the work meets the criteria of being interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary arts research.

How do I apply?

Applications for the inaugural year of CARI Faculty Fellowships were open on February 4, 2019 through March 6, 2019 and consisted of 3 parts:

  1. Cover/Signature Sheet
  2. Letter of Interest
    • Broadly, the letter should describe your research and how you would benefit from joining the CARI Faculty cohort. We are interested in whether and how you might bring existing research (collaborative, arts, and other) to CARI, and in what ways you are open to contributing to new projects. Please also include how a CARI Fellowship will work with your other time commitments.
  3. Current CV

Send completed application materials to: mmbordner@ua.edu