JPAR Awardees 2020

Congratulations to the first funded Joint Pilot for Arts Research projects, co-sponsored by CARI, the Alabama Life Research Institute, and the Office of Research and Economic Development!
The funded projects include:
  • “Instruments of Culture and Agents of Change: Performing Arts Training as a Vehicle for Empowerment and Wellbeing among Alabama Youth,” which includes Dr. Courtney Helfrecht, assistant professor of anthropology; Dr. Stephanie McClure, assistant professor of anthropology; Dr. Alexis Davis-Hazell, assistant professor of music; and Alvon Reed, assistant professor of theatre and dance.
  • “Dangerous Landscapes: Legacies of Nineteenth-Century Progress in the age of Climate Change,” which includes Dr. Teresa Cribelli, associate professor of history; Allison Grant, assistant professor of art and art history; and Dr. Joan Barth, senior research social scientist at the Institute for Social Science Research.