Flow Tuscaloosa

Drawing from expressive and visual art as a stimulus for dialogue, engagement, and play, Flow Tuscaloosa nurtures local commitment to environmental stewardship through arts-based workshops that culminate in a community lantern and light sculpture parade and a curated exhibition. 

The project embraces community partnerships, including the curatorial collective, Selvage (made up of Brock, and outside curators Teresa Bramlette Reeves and Kirstie Tepper), UA Museums, the UA Department of Geography, and the Friends of Hurricane Creek. Flow Tuscaloosa is a multifaceted community environmental celebration which culminated on Earth Day 2022 with a light parade featuring lanterns created by artists and community members to illustrate the biodiversity and human history of Hurricane Creek.  The lantern event took place in May 2022 and the installation ran from May 2022-July 2022. For more information about this project, check out: https://flowtuscaloosa.com



Dr. Julia Brock, CARI Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor, History;

Jamey Grimes, CARI Faculty Fellow and Instructor, Art and Art History;

Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Curator;

Kirstie Tepper, Curator