The Greek Slave Speaks: Feminist Perspectives on a Lost Piece of Scottish Art History combines gender and sexualities studies with art history.Working with Dr. Angela Dimitrakaki, art historian at the University of Edinburgh, Roach is unearthing long-buried Edinburgh-area connections to the famous 19th-century American statue, The Greek Slave (two versions of which are at the University of Alabama) to tell the gripping story of the US and UK’s ongoing reckoning with racial and sexual justice movements. This story of transatlantic art and slavery ties the two countries together from the 19th century to the present day. Planned outcomes of this interdisciplinary, transatlantic partnership include, a scholarly journal article, place-based public arts outreach, a gallery exhibition, and a collaboration with members of the UA Department of Theatre and Dance to create a multimedia performance piece.


Dr. Catherine Roach, CARI Faculty Fellow and Professor in New College, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies

Dr. Angela Dimitrakaki, Program Director, Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Edinburgh