Flow Tuscaloosa

Drawing from expressive and visual art as a stimulus for dialogue, engagement, and play, Flow Tuscaloosa nurtures local commitment to environmental stewardship through arts-based workshops that culminate in a community lantern and light sculpture parade and a curated exhibition. 

This project is being done in collaboration with the curatorial collective, Selvage (made up of Brock, and outside curators Teresa Bramlette Reeves and Kirstie Tepper), with UA Museums, and with the Friends of Hurricane Creek to plan a multifaceted community environmental celebration on Earth Day 2022. Current plans for the event include a parade for which the community and artists create lanterns related to the biodiversity and human history of Hurricane Creek using sustainable materials. Grimes and Brock are investigating ways to bring lantern-making workshops to local K-12 classrooms as well as commissioning 3-4 artists to create more large-scale, sculptural lanterns. Grimes and the Selvage Collective (including Brock) are also curating a multi-site installation in which artists will reflect on the themes of the project. The installation will open the day of the lantern event and last until June 2022.

From 1-3pm on April 23rd, 2021, the Flow Tuscaloosa Symposium will be held. This event will entail conversation with artists and writers whose work explores themes of southern history, landscape, and the environment. The artists are part of the Flow Tuscaloosa project, led by Fellows Jamey Grimes and Julia Brock. To learn more or register, click here.


Dr. Julia Brock, CARI Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor, History;

Jamey Grimes, CARI Faculty Fellow and Instructor, Art and Art History;

Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Curator;

Kirstie Tepper, Curator